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Join Leonard N. Horn for the launch of The Veteran's Son.

McNally Robinson Booksellers

is pleased to present

Leonard N. Horn


The Veteran's Son

Tuesday August 1, 7:00 pm
Grant Park in the Atrium

In the opening chapter of his autobiography Len describes work in the depths of an iron-ore mine where he suffers a near-fatal accident. For over forty years he buries this trauma inside his soul until he discovers release through the power of writing. This leads him to record his family’s history in early twentieth-century Scotland and Canada. The reader is then invited to Len’s loving childhood home in 1940s Winnipeg. Yet a shadow is cast when Len’s father returns from World War II after a six-year-absence, his mind scarred, leaving eleven-year-old Len struggling to understand why his dad is such a changed and angry man. 

Len is now retired and lives in Lockport, MB following a wide-ranging career as an electrician. He is working on volumes two and three of The Veteran’s Son, which chronicle his teenage years and his life as a young husband and father of two. 
McNally Robinson Booksellers Grant Park.
1120 Grant Avenue. Winnipeg, Manitoba


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