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Stories by PAUL O'KELL

At 1:20 a.m. on Sunday 1 July 1951 I entered the world in St Mary's Hospital, Manchester Central, not far from the site of the Peterloo Massacre. I was baptised into the Catholic Church a few days later. I didn’t excel at school, and left in 1967; but in 1975 I enrolled on an arts course (art history, musicology, literature, drama, philosophy and logic) run by the Open University.

I’ve always been steeped in the arts, having started my acquaintanceship with
Shakespeare as a small child, sitting on a rug in front of a black and white television watching a live broadcast of the Henry VI trilogy, performed by the recently-founded Royal Shakespeare Company one Sunday morning before Mass. Ever since then, culture has been central to my life; indeed, for me, art is life! – it’s the expression of our humanness, the shadow and the persona.

This leads me to Heartspace and Life Writing for Transformation, which has become an integral part of art – my life. I believe that when we express the chiaroscuro within us, we touch the universal, and touch each other deeply, no matter what our differences are.
I’m also a Quaker, married with one son, aged 24, and a very sweet dog. I live in York. U.K.
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